Contacting Members

To contact another member, you need to be logged in to website and should be a member. allows you to contact potential partners for FREE.

You can do this simply by using the "Contact Now" button located at the bottom of each profile. This will let the intended members know that you are interested in them. You can also send short Personalised Messages from your side to other members once you are a Paid member. You can, however, communicate with only those members who have accepted your Contact Request or the members you have accepted in case others have contacted you. Your chances of getting a response increase dramatically if you send personalized messages. Thus, you should consider signing up for a Paid Membership.

Follow these steps to contact any member on
(a) On any profile that interests you, click on 'Contact' option.
(b) Select the checkbox with the caption 'Tick to Confirm your Interest' to confirm your interest.
(c) Click the 'Contact Now' button.

An email will be sent to each of the members you have selected telling them of your interest.

Similarly, when other members like your matrimonial profile they can contact you using similar procedure.

NOTE: You cannot contact more than 50 members in a day
You may Accept or Decline contacts on the basis of your like or dislike of the initiating member's profile. When you "Accept" a member you are allowing that member to send messages to you. When you "Decline" a member you are denying that member to send messages to you.

Follow the steps below to either "Accept" or "Decline" a contact on
(a) Login to your "My Matrimonial" account.
(b) Under "My Profile Statistics", click Members Who Contacted Me.
(c) You will see a list of profiles of the members who contacted you.
(d) Click on a Profile ID. You will see the matrimonial profile of that member.

At the bottom of the profile you will see the options: 'Accept this Contact' and 'Decline this Contact'. Select the required option and click the 'Submit Now' button.

You can decline a member after accepting him or her earlier.
You can accept a member after declining him or her earlier.
The "Contacts Filter" feature lets you filter messages from other members on the basis of your selected criteria such as religion, community, age, etc. Members whose matrimonial profiles do not meet your filter criteria cannot send you messages. You can use this option if you are getting too many unwanted messages.
You can send a short "Personalised Message" to any member of irrespective of their membership type (Free or Paid) provided that you are a Paid Member yourself. You can, however, communicate (exchange messages/mails) with only those members who have accepted your Contact Request or the members you have accepted.

Free members of can only reply to messages they receive from other Paid Members.

Note: Messaging System helps registered members of to send messages, receive messages and save the messages to their personal e-mail accounts.

You need to follow the steps below to send messages to other members:
(a) Login to your account.
(b) Click on the Compose option under "My Mailbox" to the left of your screen.
(c ) Click on the "Send Message" link whom you want to send message to.

Becoming a Paid Member does not allow you to exchange personalised messages (to and from) with other members with our Communicate facility. You can only send a short personalised message from your side. Before being able to exchange personalised messages (mails) with another member, the member must 'Accept' you first. In case another member has contacted you, you must accept the member, only then you can start exchanging messages.
When you receive a message, you are alerted by an email sent to your email address registered with
All messages sent by you are automatically stored in the 'Sent' folder. To the left of your screen, click on the Sent Messages option to see a list of the messages sent by you.

To store the message into your personal email address, choose the 'Forward to Mailbox' option available. The messages you selected will be automatically forwarded to your email address registered with

If you reply to the messages you have forwarded to your personal mailbox (hotmail, yahoo etc.), it will come to our support address and NOT to the intended person. Thus, send messages from your Inbox.'s policy does not allow it to directly contact a member on behalf of another member. Even if you become a Paid Member of, you cannot obtain the contact details of other members.

As a Paid Member of, you can use services and features that are not available to free members. However, we do not provide you with the contact details of other members. The contact details of members are kept confidential to ensure member privacy and safety. You may get contact details from members themselves by contacting them using the Messaging Service of
Being seen on the Home Page as a Featured Member significantly increases your profile views, and hence your chances of finding the life partner of your dreams. reserves the right to choose Featured Members, and we do so in a totally unbiased fashion.

To improve your chances of becoming a Featured Member, first and foremost, you must add your photograph to your profile. Next, you must provide enough information about yourself, especially qualitative aspects of yourself, such as your aspirations and goals, attitude towards life, your family and your hobbies.
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