Technocal Issues

We apologise for the problem/error and request you to report this error to our support address with the following details:

a) The URL that leads to the error message.
b) The error message with details.
c) The date, time and location of access.

Most of the problem encountered while logging in or trying to contact other members may be due to Cookies Setting in your computer. What are Cookies and how are they Important?

Please note that the use of Cookies is a necessary part of the technology and are necessary if you wish to access properly. uses Cookies to deliver various services to our users and to keep track of their personal preferences. A "Cookie" is a small text file that is entered into the memory of a web browser. It helps a web site recognize repeat users and facilitate the user's ongoing access and use of the site. Cookies also allow a web site to track usage behavior and compile aggregate data facilitating the Internet Service to make content improvements and targeted advertising.

Please beware that you will be unable to access certain features on and participate in its services if you disable the cookie feature or delete cookie files from your computer. Cookies may also be necessary to provide the user with certain features such as customized delivery of information.

Please note that our site uses cookies only to recollect information sent to your computer from We CANNOT access any information not sent to you by

If you are having problem logging in, or our system requests Email and Password (login information) each time you try to Contact some one, then please adjust the Cookies Setting as follows and try logging in again.

a) Open your Browser (Internet Explorer), click on Tools (Top Menu)
b) Choose Internet Options (Drop Down Menu)
c) Click on Privacy (Following Menu)
d) Pull down the Scroll Bar (Settings) to make it Medium or Low or Accept All Cookies.

Once you log in with the new setting, you should be able to use our site without any problem. Please report to if you are still facing problems. .
This may be because your Internet Browser is displaying the same old content and is not refreshing due to caching.

For Internet Explorer users, you may try following steps to resolve the problem:
a) Click on Tools (Top Menu).
b) Choose Internet Options (Drop Down Menu).
c) Click on the Delete files button that appears in the window.
d) Please make sure to check the Delete all offline content check box. Then, Click on OK button.
e) Finally Click the OK button of the window and try browsing again.

For Netscape users, follow these steps to resolve the problem:
a) Click on Edit (Top Menu).
b) Choose Preferences (Drop Down Menu).
c) On the left hand side of the new window, click the Plus icon next to Advanced option.
d) In the list that is displayed below Advanced, click on Cache.
e) Click the Clear Memory Cache button. Then, click the OK button.
f) Click the OK button of the window and try browsing again.

Sending email to will allow you to contact Customer Relations Personnel who will get back to you within 24 hours. You may also check out our Help Section (Top Menu) for common queries.